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Graduated in Management and Administration of Tourism Companies, specialized in Cultural Management and trained in jewelry.

Her interest in artistic creation was born at a very young age, influenced by a bohemian and artistic family environment that led her to manage a contemporary art space first in the beautiful natural environment of the Baix Empordà and then in the capital of Girona. It is there where the need to express her artistic concern is born and she finds her way in jewelry.

Later in 2012 she opened her first jewelry workshop and until now she continues to create in her shop in the beautiful old quarter of the city of Girona.

Since then she has continued to express her sensitivity through small jewels of exquisite simplicity, beautiful and fragile. Transmitting her vision of life where the beauty of the humble and modest nourishes her soul.

Every piece of jewelry from Eva Lozano Jewelry is designed by me. I start taking my pencil to design initial sketches, I think that my pieces have to be able to be carried daily without disturbing but that they have their presence. I start by testing, melting gold, filing, cutting, hammering, welding until I get to the part I was looking for. I work with expert craftsmen and with the wisdom of their work we further refine the final piece. In our workshops we create different types of surfaces: brushed, satinised, hammered. I love the matte bohemian finish that combined with diamonds enhances their sparkling beauty. All fine jewelry designs are crafted from 18k gold recycled or sterling silver.

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